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Region 4 Project Inventory

Questions about Round 1 may be answered in this FAQs document.
If your question on Round 1 projects has not been answered in the FAQs document, please contact

Project Inventory Survey Tool

Purpose: The goal of this tool is to have a comprehensive project inventory across the region.

What can be submitted: New ideas (including programs), projects that are under construction, and projects that have been constructed in the last two years.

Who can submit: Anyone

Note: The submission of a project does not mean that it will be funded, and the submission is not the same as a formal submission for funding.

For Instructions, please click here.

Round 1 Project Inventory Viewers

This tool shows all projects that were submitted for Round 1 and in the project inventory survey tool. To see a list of eligible pre-application projects, click here

*Note: Inclusion of a project on this list is not an indication that funding will be provided to any particular project.  The projects shown or described herein are merely a summary of requests that have been submitted to OCD as part of Round 1 pre-applications or during the regional project inventory process and incorporated into this dataset to increase public awareness of a broad rand of proposed watershed project development activities. The state has not verified data collected, bears no responsibility and advises the public this information is subject to change as the Round 1 and other grant programs progress.